USA Today Central

Pimp! A Central App made for USA Today – USA Today Central. Featuers:

  • Downloads and displays the latest news from USAT’s major sections
  • Displays news and sports photo galleries
  • Allows for “clipping” articles and galleries that you want to keep
  • Loads each section’s RSS feed by default, but can be customized to pull in lots more data
  • Get alerts when news contains keywords that you specify
  • Get weather forecasts in a continuously-updating pod
  • And of course it all works offline, perfect for in-flight reading

Nice way to read USA Today with quicker access to content than a web browser can and works offline. Also “feels” like more control merely because of the responsivness when I quickly change categories. There are still ads, and some USA Today branding so it seems a great compromise between getting a fatter client, but keeping true to the company’s brand and need for advertising. I think what I enjoy most is the ability to be alerted when keywords I enter come up in the news whether in an hour form now… or next week!

Go Josh Santangelo & Andreas Heim of Smashing Ideas!

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  1. What a wonderful boost for Central! This could stimulate downloads of Central outside of the developer community, which is something I’ve very much wanted to see!

    I’m going to send Josh and Andreas an email to congratulate them, and I’ll also give this a plug on my web site. Thanks for breaking the news Jesse.

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