JSFL: Create Flash Project File Extension

Originally created by a chick in Hungary (per Jim), then updated by Jim Kremens to ignore CVS files, and then updated by me to ignore .svn directories from Tortoise SVN, I re-packaged this extension.

It creates a Flash Project file (FLP) based off of the current working directory you choose (where a blank project file sits). It’s really helpful since Flash’s Project Panel isn’t a real file explorer. Instead you have to create and add files & folders manually… which can lead to errors, and makes it tough to change. This extension changes that process to 4 clicks!

Only works with Flash MX 2004 7.2 (Ellipsis) since that version of the IDE implemented the File API for Flash’ JavaScript API.

Create Flash Project File – MXP | ZIP

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  1. I think you could easily rig it so that it works directly from the Explorer window by using the sendTo functionality, or manually editing the opening options of the folder. Might try that once I get home, right now it’s too sunny to code :D

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