Dual Right Click Menu’s w/ Firefox & Flash – bug?

– right click on link bar
– right click on Flash movie

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  1. Rigth-click anything in FF navigation bar and then flashplayer’s context menu.. same result.

    I won’t call this an ‘bug’.

  2. Happens for me as well: FF 1.0.1 on Windows. I would call this a bug. FF is either not seeing the mouse event or is not interpretting it properly. Flash’s context menu is a real context menu. There should not be multiple context menus open at the same time.

    Btw, Jesse, I don’t know if you built this Flash submission form yourself or not, but in case you did I would like to make a suggestion. Have the form remember your information, including comments until you hit submit, in which case it would read the checkbox to know if it should remember the info (name, etc., not comments) or not. Let me explain what I mean. One of the nice things about FF is that if you enter form information and refresh the page you don’t lose all of that information. I _hated_ IE for this.

    I started to write something and then wanted to look at your pic again. When I did that and hit the back button my comments were gone.

    Sorry to go off-topic, just wanted to get that out.

  3. Sorry D, I didn’t write this. I apologize for the usability problem; in the chaos of fending off blogspam, this was the quickest way I could find of stopping it without having to mess with MoveableType’s Perl backend. I’ll see what I can do about modify the code to remember it; I hate when that happens too!

  4. This is inherit bug to the infastructure of FF.
    I’m pretty sure FF uses its own menu/interface rendering system to make the UI Cross-platform. This is really visible under mac os x, there is no transparency with FF menus unlike all the other menus.

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