Class Path Max Size is 74 Characters, Symbol Name 64

From my tests, Flash’ maximum class path size is 74 characters. The symbol name is 64. The symbol name (linkage ID) will popup an error, the class path does not.

I’ve done some tests, and it seems that 74 is the max; 75, and Flash says it can’t find the class file (yes, FLA’s classpath is set, and so is Flash’ global class path).

Searched in Help and Livedocs, nothing came up.

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  1. hello,

    i also made some tests, i found 68 characters to be the maximum length, a classpath with points and classname included, can have. Having more results – as you say – in a ‘class not found’.

  2. The reason for the difference is that I think the limit is based on the number of characters in the absolute path to the file, so if you’re both on Windows XP but your usernames are different lengths (and your code is stored somewhere in your home dir) that would account for the differences. I haven’t been able to absolutely prove this though – why is there no documentation on this subject???

  3. There is also some max char limit for how many characters you can pass in a dynamic url – i think it might be 256

  4. I have also hit a character limit, but cannot draw any firm conclusions as yet. Hopefully by describing what I have experienced thus far we can resolve this…

    The total character length of my troublesome class is 72 chars. Certainly there is an issue with the length of the path but there is more to it than that.

    Firstly, people at work using are using the same classes as me without a problem. This means that the issue is connected with my instance of Flash or perhaps some related issue with my O/S.

    The suggestion regarding the absolute path doesn’t appear to old true since the particular class that is causing trouble for me is in c://classes// – exactly the same as it is for my workmates who are experiencing no problems at all.

    This is not an issue with Windows SP 1 and 2 – the behaviour is the same on my machine with both service packs.

    One more twist… the class which is not loading for me is embedded quite deeply into the class structure – ie the path is …..

    A test class that I have created sitting on my ‘root’ namespace which actually has more characters (100) in its name is pulled in without a problem.

    I am completely perplexed by this one and will be contacting Macromedia support. In the meantime, please post with any helpful info.

  5. Limited to 72 here. This is going to cause us to compromise our naming and organization conventions, is there any way to remove this limitation?

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