Pimp! This guy I think is using the Google webservices API, and then grabbing the images to make a collage. I tried:
– cow
– flower
– pimp
– jesse warden

What’s crazy is I have nothing to do with Apple & Kill Bill 1… but this isn’t all about me; it’s neat to see what’s related image wise in searches, and only images. Images speak a 1000 words, so you get more back; whether the context is accurate is up to you I reckon.

There is no way I’ve found to ensure the content is work safe, though, but regardless, neat!

Montage-a-Google v1

Via my man, Frankie Loscavio via his friend Eric.

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  1. Yeah, saw this on the Screensavers last night. They searched for something along the line of rainbows or something, and porn popped up :D Was friggin hilarious :)

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