JSFL: JPEG Compression Settings

This extension will allow you to select bitmaps in the library, and when you run this command, you can change their JPEG compression values to a single value. Useful for those of you who import JPEG’s into your Flash movie from AfterEffects, or other video programs, set your Flash movie to a global compression value, and only set certain groups of bitmaps to higher JPEG values. Although allow smoothing is there, for some reason Flash doesn’t update the value; must be a bug.

*** Update: Fixed bug, will now set allow smoothing to selected value, v 1.0.1.

JXL JPEG Compression Settings – MXP | ZIP

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  1. Hey Jesse check this one out LibraryItems. It does Bitmap compression, sound compression and it can also add class paths to multiple movie clips at once. It’s pretty handy and I use it all the time. Saves a bunch of time.

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