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Yet another Flash MX 2004, ActionScript 2, RichTextEditor… or is it?

I’ve been speaking with Igor Dimitrijevic over AIM for the past few months discussing Flash RichTextEditors, looking at the solutions out there, comparing notes on TextField, TextFormat, Flash Player HTML bugs/issues, and generally helping eachother out.

After that, I can definately say Igor knows what he’s doing, and have full confidence this will, as of the posting date, be the best Flash RichTextEditor on the market.

Until the Flash Player fixes some of it’s underlying problems with TextFormat not correctly writing HTML, as well as it’s erratic display of images in an input TextField, all RichTextEditors will have these inherent flaws, regardless of who codes them and with whatever workarounds/coding compensations. Regardless, Igor like me has been creating components since they were first SmartClips in Flash 5, so I’m sure he’s created it in such a way that it will be a solution for your project, and compensate for the Flash Player’s TextField problems.

Try it out without downloading or installing anything!

For you Flex users, I’ve worked with Abdul Qabiz to get the MXI format correct and sent it over to Igor, encouraging him to add install support for FlexBuilder 1.5. Cross your fingers!

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  1. The same problem still occurs with it though :(

    bold a word and then italicise another next to it.
    Now toggle the html.
    you will see the spacing between the 2 words vanish

  2. Wow I’m amazed it looks really nice :D

    I’ve seen the other versions but this one rocks. too bad the buy form isn’t woking and the price isn’t shown, otherwise I might consider buying it ;)

  3. It’s cool that you can edit the page on the fly :) I don’t know if there’s anything special in the component though. We have created a couple of different editor components with mx 2004. It’s just a fact that one cannot create a *good* rich text editor with flash, as the textfield is so crappy.

    We also added one version to the bit component set in the last update. We did not include the buttons to the components, but created a simple api with a selection listener, so the look of the editor is fully customizable. If you’re interested, please have look at http://www.beamjive.com/lounge/demos/rte/rta_example.html

  4. Yeah Sam… I know, it sux.. I wish Flash HTML was better.

    Thy, I gave him all weekend to fix it…sorry, I’ll go bother him on AIM.

    Thanks Kai, I haven’t checked your site in awhile. I wasn’t aware you had an RTE; alternatives rock!

  5. Thanks Jesse!
    That order page:( is now working

    Kai, Bit-101 components are great, but features of your RTE are close to(free) GroundTextEditor v1. Couple of (special?) features that are missing:
    – better hyperlink manipulation
    – image support
    – possibility to attach editor to any text field dynamically

    FlashTextEditor can produce ‘clean’ HTML. Check out this (beta!) example:
    However, that feature is not listed and supported yet, mostly because of the problems with image tag.

  6. Thanks for the comment Igor. It is possible to use images with our rte component. Also, one can create any kind of hyperlink input dialogs for it, it’s the api that counts :) We also fixed the flash textfield bug (and other flash bugs) that Sam mentioned earlier.

    It sure looks cool that you can attach the editor to any textfields, that is a feature that our component does not have. Just out of curiosity, is this the same component flashloaded is selling? Your component is 99usd and our 32 components is 80 eur ;)

    CheloXL’s component looks nice too.

  7. Sorry Kai, I was commenting that demo page. GTE v1 also has free RTE API, but it is AS1 because it was released more then 2 years ago. Because its freely available and I cant find any description of your API, I can’t do the comparison.

  8. No problem Igor, I believe there is enough room for many rte components. Your’s will probably be very successful if you can make it standard HTML compatible.

    Let’s hope MM improves the textfield in the next release of Flash. I would love to see better HTML support and ability to keep the text selections even if a textfield looses focus…

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