Spam Costing Companies $22 Billion

Survey says. While I much enjoy anything that points out the problems with spam in our daily lives, something irked me about the validity of this survey at CNN. Phone interviews? While I trust my instincts, I highly doubt my spam number reporting would be accurate, not just based on my subjectivity of wearing out my delete key hourly.

I didn’t dig the productivity slant either in terms of how much weight. Companies are concerned about producitivity, yes, and hopefully too the powers that be to hopefully instantiate change, but how many things can you name that “affect” productivity? I can name a ton, but because of thier long standing integration compared to the relatively new influx of email spam, they become more Dilbert’ish and fall below the harsh radar. I guess something press wise needs to fall above, duh, but it just seems that there are a lot of things that do the same thing; negatively detract from our productivity.

And where does that $22 billion go? Unfortunately, a small portion of the spam is responded too, enough so to continue to show enough return in revenue, and validate its continued use… but where does the rest of the $21,120,000,000 billion go of the $880,000,000 million dollars spammers’ get?

Mine’s angel invested, bequeathed indirectly, to recognition algorithms for determining email spam, phishing, fraud, errors, virus’ and the speed at which I can delete them, leaving normal email untouched.

I’ve developed the same skill for ignoring banner ads whilst online reading, taking a break from the TV during a commercial, and talking to my wife during ads at the movie theatre. You merely redirect and channel your existing focus, which is in effect, a producitivity enhancing skill to have.