Potential Jobs in the Future: Healthcare & Government

Reading about where the hot jobs will be in the future, and was suddenly recognizing an increase in positivity on newsites lately. Respond to demand? Let’s hope so. An old’ boss’ mother had passed away, and at the funeral, she had lamented about how her mother would read the paper for her, and clip out news that was positive since the majority of the news in the newspaper was negative. During the time when people would say good words about the deceased during the procession, I quickly rose my hand to be recognized by the pastor. Not knowing the deceased, but severly disliking the air of the church and wanting to liven the spirits of all within I took my turn, against my father’s wishes who claimed I knew nothing of the deceased (which was true). I proclaimed that I too would search for positive articles in the newspapers to fullfill that role that my boss’ mother had once filled. Everyone chuckled. Mission accomplished.

Anyway, nice to see CNN and others having some stuff on the up and up. Maybe it’s been that way and I just didn’t notice, and if that’s the case, well, awesome.

I also remember once at a cousin’s house a few years back, their nanny was about 21, I believe an immigrant from either Poland or the Ukraine. Anyway, she was pretty, intelligent, but fearful of her future. She was studying computer science, mainly Java, at school and was worried there were going to be no jobs when she left school. This when my luck had started to change, so naturally I shared my excuberance, and quickly scoffed her fears away saying that if she applied herself, there would be plenty of opportunities. I hopefully left her with knowing that if she had a good attitude, and a little passion, it would go quite well.

So, after reading the article, it was nice to see the positive projections about technology jobs. The Healthcare industry has already been strong, but when I was involved, it was already experiencing insane growth, so I can see how this’ll continue. It’s an interesting thing when institutions (not all of which mind you, some are the opposite of the following) that have huge and deep pockets suddenly have their buildings become internet enabled (yeah, no ethernets in the building… I know, weird) to support new technologies.

I found the federal jobs, though, interesting. I had no clue that the age of federal workers was that close to their retirement age, which is low to me, thus equating to a lot of open positions in the future.

Good stuff to throw at disgruntled college students and those curious about new industries to explore to help their career. Don’t know where they obtained their numbers, nor how many “years” they allude too, but I can vouch for the Healthcare side.