Indeo 5 and Flash Video Importing

Dude, Indeo 5 blows when importing videos. I kept creating small import clips in the import wizard, but the video was waaaay off sync… if at all. It didn’t even import all of the clips.

I’m now attempting to learn the Media Display component at moch-10 billion since addQuePoint seems the way to go at this point with a honkin’ 9meg, 12 minute external FLV. It’s going to be weird animating movie clips, and then attaching them via an event listener vs. the old skool way to merely animating things in the timeline.

On a brighter note, the weather here rocks, and I’m reminded of it after just getting back a roll of film developed and looking through the pictures. Her majesty had photographed the ice storm and man… do I NOT miss that cold weather crud; the warm, sunny weather here at Bondi Beach rocks! It’s been a battle getting me out doors, though, as I have so much stuff to code & homework to do before the conference. Not to mention her majesty’s on reckon finding a hotel for Tuesday night… hope that goes well.

Saw Aral on the way here out in the middle of the Pacific. Hard to spot 40,000 feet up, but man, he look tired… poor bloke.

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  1. Hi,
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  2. What the HELL are you using Indeo for? Are they pre-existing clips?

    Hah…Bondi. Last time there we tried a Mexican restaurant. Mexican food in Australia….verrrry interesting.


  3. The webcam’s default software only captures in that format. No way to modify the settings. Rigging something in Flashcom wouldn’t work for my timeframe.

    We live right near a mexican restaraunt back in the states, so we typically have it once or twice a week, so there’s been little interest to find one here. I haven’t even seen one yet. However, finding a Corona has been worse. FINALLY found one last night (whew).

  4. Drink some real beer brah! While in Australia it’s ALWAYS Cooper’s Sparkling – on tap is possible. Number 2 is Cascade from Tasmania. At least order a schooner of Victoria Bitter (VB). Aussie beer is strong! I’m jealous!

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