Flex, Flashcom, & Central: Tic Tac Toe

Let’s start this new year off with a bang.

Bloody hell, what a week. While the rest of you were probably spending quality family time with relatives & relaxing, I was doing the same, except I wasn’t relaxing. I made a Tic Tac Toe game with the all the free time/days off I could using Flex, Flashcom, and Central. I learned a lot, and have the classic “I hate how I did this, I must redo it knowing what I know now because I at the time, I didn’t know what I know now.” I coded myself into a corner on the Flashcom side, and couldn’t allow connection instances; meaning, all users share the same NetConnection instance; you all play the same game of tic tac toe, and have to share. You CAN chat, however, while waiting. She’s buggy and sort of works, but I fixed all of the horrible crashes… that I couldn’t find anyway. I plan on re-doing the core architecture in the future so you can play more than 1 game; I like how the UI fits, I like the Flex code, I like the Central code, I just don’t like the Flashcom code, both client and server.

I only have 10 connections, so if you can’t connect, try again later.

Have at thee!

Tic Tac Toe – Install | Source

8 Replies to “Flex, Flashcom, & Central: Tic Tac Toe”

  1. Already getting feature requests…

    Her majesty:
    – toggle who starts first. Since you can’t lose in Tic Tac Toe if you start first, this at least evens things out.
    – have a global scoreboard of who scored what
    – have an invite to game via a context menu by right cliking on the name in the person list
    – shrink the chat icons

    – …another game other than TicTacToe
    – allow room creation

  2. the central installer thing to the right doesnt work for me at work.. i refuse to update to flash 7 player!!! :)

  3. FYI – I installed yesterday, and everything was fine; today it told me that the application had been created with the developer edition & had expired. So, I reinstalled, and now it works again.

  4. Sorry chief, until I get my licensed copy of Flex, my current SWF’s will expire at the end of a 24 hour cycle. I’ll keep uploading new ones till then… sorry for the trouble.

    …your welcome to compile yourself, hehe!

  5. But i can’t install it in this time! I’m from Russia, if your flex server is down in night…

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