Flashcom AudioConference Component Converted to Flex

Apparently I’m the only one who codes on a Friday night when your school is cancelled the next day because of an impending ice-storm of doom because I live in a hot state that has 2 salt trucks to its name and people drive 80mph when ice is falling from the sky because they aren’t yankee born like me… because I asked if anyone had converted the AudioConference component from Flashcom to AS2 on the Flashcom list. No responses, so in my impatient manner, I just converted it. I think it works ok :: shrugs ::. I had to rename the .asc file 2 because Flashcom kept loading the other one; apparently the Rhino JavaScript engine is case sensitive, but not via the load command. Go consistency.

Anyway, here’s the source; if you need this for Flash, it shouldn’t be too hard to convert over; just keep in mind I’m using a canvas with addChild/destroyChild to managed the creation of movie clips for managing the NetStream’s sound objects; you can change it back to movie clip creation if you wish, just 2 lines of code.

AudioConference for Flex – ZIP