Debunking False SVG & Flash Comparisons

Mad props to my man Aral for taking the time to do the rough duty of picking apart the false statements made within the recently published article about SVG. Aral’s thorough debunking & correcting is here, and he makes some good points if you ever need ammo when someone compares oranges to apples. What I find astonishing is JD’s morning after response. He does make the mature and professional statement that we are not personally attacking the author, merely annihilating his incorrect statements. What got me is his, well it appeared to me, defense of how editors pass down a story, and the author runs with it. This, coming from someone who has time and time again pointed out pathetic journalism. I think the scariest part of the whole thing is I’m more forest for the tree’s, and JD isn’t, and I don’t even work for Macromedia. I got the similiar feeling during the search engine debate of the past; it really irks me when people discredit the Flash Player via inaccurate facts & research. It’s ok to fear what you don’t know, and even go so far as to make incorrect (not known to you at the time) in an effort to throw hypothetical questions out to the development community in order to garner information on how things really are.

Someday I too may be able to take a step back, and view things in the proper context, and not take attacks on the Flash Player personally. I think if the whole skip intro thing had never existed, I’d still be in the same state I am now, feeling frustrated for having to help and/or support others in the education in the face of misinformation. In the meantime, eat page rank Aral!