New Job: Round Box Media

Today was my last day at BellSouth working for the Client Team. I must say, they certainly have a bunch of talented developers, designers, and other disciplines on the team that I was lucky enough to work for, with a good vision for the future of BellSouth. As a whole, I really like BellSouth’s corporate environment, benefits, working environment, and side benefits such as hearing presentations from leading managers and leaders from around the country.

I made some great new friends, had some great mentors, and as always learned a lot. I know those experiences will stay with me and I have defainately changed for the better in working there.

I look forward the opportunities Round Box is offering me, mainly the opportunity to work with other Flash Developers for the first time as well as developing software that actually garners the prefix “legacy” to its name. I’ve never worked on projects that I didn’t rewrite in some way over in 3 month timeframes, and I’m always the lone “Flash Dude” in any environment, so this is a great new experience I’ll get to be a part of, ecspecially creating software in Flash that has positive longevity to customers.

Most importantly, I’ll have the free time to finish school, and won’t brave the retardation of American life that is “driving to work in traffic”… what a frikin’ waste of my life that was. I’ll save significant amounts of money, less wear and tear on my car, and the main point: a heck of a lot of less stress as I can telecommute most of the week.

…did I mention I’m estatic? Leaving a job is always insanely stressful for me as I tend to take things personally that I shouldn’t. I tend to invest a lot emotionally into any endeavor, team, task, etc. that I’m hired on as, so naturally leaving such environments is filled with many a sleepless night. I know, however, that future is bright, I’ll be working with great people, and learn many new things so as the cliche goes, “It’s all good…”. I really look forward to the future.