Christina Applegate Urged Me to Vote

Weird people have been calling my cellphone. Last Friday I get a call from my hosting service out in Cali, Mediatemple, saying that I was getting attacked by blog-spamming Perl Scripts from Morodor in the thousands, thus eating mad bandwidth.

Then, last night as I searched in vain for my wallet in her majesty’s vehicle amidst ninja attire and weaponry, I got a voice mail on my phone. It was Christina Applegate urging me to vote, although, she didn’t say for what candidate, nor why it was so important, merely using the word important.

Sorry, I’m married, your a little old for me, although people do say love knows no age limit, flattery will get you nowhere. I did vote this morning, though, just felt kind of weird having a hot blonde (is she still hot and blonde, don’t follow her career…?) used as marketting fodder to get the X and Y gen’s motivated to vote.

On a positive note, I do thank Miss Applegate for the encouragement and her efforts.

Speaking of celebrities illegally obtaining my phone number/voice mail box, if whoever is responsible could please drop my digits to Murdock from the A-Team, that’d be swell. I’ve always wanted to thank him for being such a great male role-model for me growing up.