Fahrenheit 911

Don’t tell my best man (he hates Michael Moore), but I just finished Fahrenheit 911. I’m now very eager to see the counter Celsius 411 or both of them… can’t remember if there are 2 or what they are called, but I know I’ve read about them.

My school at the main campus had some drama about this movie. A professor was going to show it at the new school presentation center or whatever; it was described as a nice new building on campus. Supposedely, after a student’s parent sent a letter in that wasn’t “recognized”, they threatened some kind of action. The result was right before the showing, a higher up told the professor he couldn’t show the movie. When he asked why not, they explained to him that they couldn’t help him legally or somesuch if he did.

He showed it anyway.

I’m not sure what the big deal is. It’s one man’s opinion, he showcases the nasty stuff of war the American media doesn’t show, and raises some interesting points that I hadn’t thought of. That’s pretty cool, right? Getting people to think?

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  1. Ebert had some comments this weekend on his Answerman column. He had said in a previous column that one of the films opposing Moore’s wrongly noted that Canada’s crime rate was greater than the U.S.’s. He got called on it, was provided the supporting data, which he confirmed, and then retracted his statement. Canada’s crime rate, according to him, is indeed greater per capita than the U.S.’s. Funny.

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