AtlMMUG Thursday, November 18th (Tomorrow)

Yes, I’ll be in the office tomorrow, so if you stop by, maybe we can do some Flash TextField bashing together, I can show off Captivate, or we can just talk OOP.


WHAT: The Atlanta Macromedia User Group November Meeting
WHEN: 6:30 PM, Thursday, November 18
WHERE: Roundbox Media, King Plow Arts Center
WHO: Leif Wells
TOPIC: MAX and Flash Remoting

This month, our last meeting this year, will feature AtlMMUG Manager Leif Wells telling us about all the many things he saw at the MAX conference earlier this month.

In the second part of his presentation, Leif will be showing off using Flash MX 2004 with Flash Remoting and OpenAMF as well as some of the things that Roundbox Media has been doing over the past year.

As always, please RSVP.

Extra directions for getting to Roundbox Media:

Enter the King Plow Arts Center at “Center Entrance 1” which is the first entrance when arriving from Howell Mill Road/Downtown.

Roundbox Media is in studio M-107. Enter the main building following the signs to The Food Studio. Once you reach The Food Studio and the courtyard, look for the “M” on the right wall and enter at that door. Follow that hall until it dead-ends at Roundbox.

Leif Wells
Atlanta Macromedia User Group Manager