AOL Instant Messenger Uses Flash Video?

I started AIM this morning, and it displayed a little video where the ads are up top. It crashed after about 3 seconds of playing (I had a big SWF compiling, and had iTunes eating mad bandwidth).

I opened and closed the Buddy List trying to get the video to play again (since a new ad comes up when you do this). However, the closest I got was the M&M ad for I tried clearing my cache in both IE and Firefox, and dug around in my registry as well as the AIM install directory trying to find out if it did a setting somewhere to register I viewed the video to no avail.

Anyway, curious if someone can find out if it was done with Flash Video. The website doesn’t use it (Windows Media or Quicktime).

Sorry about my comments being down; MoveableType is extremely easy to break, and considering I don’t know Perl, upon attempting an installation of a Captcha test, I broke something. Until Perl blog spam bots go extinct, I have to deal with these issues.

One Reply to “AOL Instant Messenger Uses Flash Video?”

  1. We recently did some banners for the ESPN 3 movie site that we completed recently. Some of theme were for AIM and they were integrated with a company EyeWonder. They provide streaming video to banners through a java applet. Which is why it probably crashed your machine.

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