MXDU 2005: Paper Ideas?

MX DownUnder Developers Conference

MXDU 2003 was easy; I wanted to talk about Flashcom since it just came out and I negotiated with my new job at the time to get the time off to go.

MXDU 2004 I couldn’t make because I didn’t negotiate with my new job at the time to get the time off to go.

MXDU 2005, however, is tougher. I’m sure I can negotiate with my current employers the necessarey time & perhaps make it worth their while, beyond my own personal growth being a value to them (not to mention if I am not at work, they don’t pay me). Still, I am having a hard time thinking about what to submit. Maybe it is forest for the trees in thinking everyone knows Flash MX 2004 by now. If not, I wouldn’t really want to talk about it. I mean, I’d probably mention “how” to do things vs. “what” is the best way. With the influx of talented and qualified programmers entering the Flash field, I’d do little for conference attendees’ speaking about Design Patterns in Flash, but perhaps a lot in actually using it to get your job done, quickly and assuredly.

…but that’s so cliche. For real, re-iterating the above, there are still many who could speak the same spiel. I’d rather do something different, something still valuable, something me. I was thinking about maybe something to do with utilizing Studio MX 2004 to increase Me, Inc.’s value; or perhaps less broad and simply focusing on Using Flash & Central to benefit your personal brand; to market yourself as a contractor while not overly increasing your workflow.

I’m not sure. What is everyone else thinking of talking about?

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  1. Heh, I’ve been thinking of the same thing, what to present on if at all.

    Last year myself and my old boss did a speil on bringing it all together (ie MM products), and we got a lot of positive feedback on it. I think people are now at a point, where they know the product but yet are insecure on its uses? and am i using it to its full potential.

    Also, there are a lot of spiels who do nothing but preech positives? i mean, do one on the pros/cons of a products use and when not to use it, and when to use it.

    You’ve got the experience man, you just need to figure out whats an informative subject for your audience and how can i, a jack of all trades guy walk away with a light bulb above my head..

    Thats what i’ve found lacking in some presos i’ve seen over the last couple of years, not enough “gloves off” approaches?

  2. Design Patterns stuff is still pretty interesting to me and as MXDU is not just for ‘uber-geeks’ and I’m sure there is an audience for almost everything. As I has not from a programming background it is taking me forever to understand design patterns and apply them.

    Another issue is that I have noticed that with conferences some of the presentations I would love to see are those that have been presented in previous conferences and nobody covers the topic while I’m there. No problem rehashing (freshened up[) as the faces change.

    just my 2bob

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