JSFL: JXL-Withrow Text Effect

Wrote this over the weekend. I remembered a text effect I was taught by one of my past managers, so wanted to see if I could recreate it for any block of text.

Low and behold, I did!

Simply click on a text field with text in it to select it, run the command, and walla, you have a reusable, graphic symbol with the effect!

It’s not very customizable in terms of speed; it only looks good at 31 or 61 frames per second. Keep in mind it creates a graphic symbol, not a movie clip. Therefore, the graphic symbol must reside in the same amount of frames on the timeline that the graphic symbol itself has on it’s own timeline. Confused? Just convert it to a movie clip. At any rate, pretty neat one can automate some of this stuff. I wish I could spend a week just writing a bunch of these, and then package them up!

JXL-Withrow Text Effect – MXP | JSFL


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  1. Very nice effect, very nice script. Thanks for sharing!
    Looking forward to what you come up with when you take that week off…

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