I’ll trade you a Window, and raise you an Alert

I received my school books (suck) and my Macromedia Goodie Pack (das ich s?? [suB]). Thanks a ton Flash Team!

I managed to keep my trading cards (they smell co-rockin, btw), as her majesty ganked the bag and shirt.

It must be confirmed publicly that I am in the coolest industry niche. You don’t see VB or Java developers getting trading cards for their controls (ours are cooling looking anyway), or After Effects gurus getting stylish T’s (pronounced Tee’s) with easing keyframes on them. Flash r0X0R$!!!

3 Replies to “I’ll trade you a Window, and raise you an Alert”

  1. My guess as to why I received such a fantastic grab bag of goodies from the Flash Team at Macromedia is that I have a big mouth which helps since I border on a product evangelist. Therefore, Macromedia I believe trusts that I will blatantly discuss what I received from Macromedia, describe each gift’s function and purpose, and talk about potential “why’s” as to the reason I received such gifts with passerby’s, coworkers, and others.

    This in turn leads the conversations above to Flash, Macromedia, what I do for a living, and why Flash is ultimately cool. This in turn helps the PR and overall marketed image of Flash in the world.

    So, it’s a mutually exclusive gift. Macromedia gives me cool stuff, and by doing so ensure to me they appreciate my efforts to publicly (and loudly) expouse my love of their product, which in turn helps their product, and in turn helps my career because they are successful, I am successful.

    It’s co-rockin’ all around, man!

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