Mass Symbol Swapper

Dude on LJ had 1000 instances he needed to swap from Symbol A to Symbol B. Didn’t want to do it manually, so I wrote this command for him. Maybe you’ll find a use for it too.

You select a frame, and it’ll swap all instances to use a different symbol that you specify. Instead of clicking the instance on the stage, clicking swap, and repeating for each symbol, this just does it en-masse at light speed.

*** Updated to 1.0.1 ***

Mass Symbol Swapper – MXP | ZIP

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  1. Uhoh, having a little prob here. I set up a new fla in mx2k4 with two symbols, test1 and test2. These are the only symbols in the library. I tell the command to replace test1 with test2. The replacement occurs, but I get an error dialog titled ‘Flash MX’ with the error msg:
    “At line 26 of file “JXL Symbol Swapper”: TypeError: elements_array[i].libraryItem has no properties.

    After clicking “OK” the symbol swaps back to the original clip.

  2. you should be able to just synchronize your symbols and switch them out across your animation. You should also be able to hit edit multiple frames, but neither method works for me. I installed your JXL symbol swapper and that doesn’t work either.

  3. Hi Jester

    Been looking over your site and really admire what you’re doing.

    I thought that this component would be of great use to me, but was wondering how easy it would be for you to modify your code so that it swaps mutliple symbol instances in an entire movie clip as opposed to just in a frame?

    It’s for button animations (multiple instances of a symbol animate in, but staggered as opposed to all at the same time). Each button has 60 instances of a symbol (the symbol changes on each button and there are 15 buttons) so doing this manually will be a couple of days work!

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