Visual SourceSafe & Flash’ Project Panel

I have just managed to get Visual SourceSafe and Flash’s project panel to work together. I checked out files, changed them, and checked them back in. It’s very fragile, but it works, and is kind of neat. We’re supposed to get CVS working in the future. For now, we’re using SourceSafe.

Some things to keep in mind:
– you need to check out your Project file (FLP) first before you check out the project in Flash. To be safe, check it out of SourceSafe, then open it up in the project panel in Flash.
– when checking things back in, make sure the file is closed in Flash.
– it’s slow, be patient. The dialogue may not refresh, but it usually is working. If your still paranoid, and you get a not not responding on PC, it might crash within a few seconds. Otherwise… it’s just slow.

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  1. Hi Jesse,

    Its quite simple, Infact i worked on some projects with the same integration. Its quite cool, though VSS integration in Dreamweaver is more better.


  2. Jesse,
    Why not just use command line with something like CygWin or use a GUI like WinCVS, TortoiseCVS, etc? I’ve always found that to b easier.

  3. I’ve never used a command line before, and we’re waiting on CVS to be setup correctly. If you want to show me how to do command line stuff, that’d be cool. Matt was pretty excited to hear about … remote builds, or something like that.

  4. Anyone know if VSS is supported by the Mac OSX version of Flash?

    Also, anyone know of a CVS plugin to the Flash version control system?

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