Dude, don’t check Flash SWF’s into CVS as ASCII. Everyone will think you coded things wrong, there is a security issue with SWF’s accessing data across domains, WebLogic needs to set Flash MIME types, and that Flash had a compile error… all of which are wrong.

If you check it in as Binary, everything works, and everyone forgets the Flash comments they made.

Doughnut hole? Why yes, thank you.

3 Replies to “SWF + ASCII -> CVS = OT OT OT”

  1. Why check SWFs in at all? Check the FLAs in as binary, everything else as ASCII and have people build the SWFs as needed/part of a build system.

  2. i agree about checking swfs in. some of my clients don’t have flash developers on staff, so it’s a good idea and a time saver to keep the latest swfs with the project. i normally keep them in a deliverables or exports directory inside of the main project directory so they are seperate from the source.

    i have always checked them in as binary.

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