SciTE|Flash 2004 pre1 Released

Ale @ Bomberstudios appeared to be sneaky and release a new version of SciTE|Flash for 2004… or at least with little marketted fanfare. He’s aggregated, though, and in the blogsphere, you can’t hide; what’d be the point?

Just installed and it keeps… doing things for me. Kind of neat. I’m one of only 2 coders I know who actually uses Flash MX 2004 to code ActionScript, but for the rest of the world, progs like this rock. Check it out, just beware it’s pre… reckon that means pre-alpha or somesuch. Beware! The rush is worth it (to me anyway).

SciTE|Flash 2004 pre1

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  1. Well make me three. Today I just wrote a 1,000+ lines of classes in the stupid flash editor. A lot of a good a 1600w resolution does when your scrunched down to some tiny weeny window. It’s my own fault, I ought to just copy and paste from a real editor but I’m too lazy. Checking out SciTE and SEPY now!

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