iTunes Flash Playlist

Got the idea to put my iTunes playlist on my site from Flex-mx. He posted about this .NET app, IndieRock, that will upload a text file of your current, last n songs, n defaulting to 10, to your webserver. I then load and parse that text file into some Flash files. The datagrid in version A is hard to get smaller than 220 at 10 Verdana, and the bloody mx.core.View doesn’t listen to the global styles, nor can you set them on himself in version B; but either way, I think it’s neato! Pretty schweet what one can do in under an hour with Flash.

IndierockA – HTML | ZIP

IndierockB – HTML | ZIP

7 Replies to “iTunes Flash Playlist”

  1. In Safari it is way off… both the grid and the accordion tab hang over your main posts (the entire Album Column) but are a little transparent … so I can kinda read what is going on behind them :) Other then that pretty cool! :

  2. That fuggin browser hates me… any idea’s? My CSS is nested in a table… maybe that’s the faux paux or something… bleh.

  3. Same problem with Mozilla 1.7 RC2…
    It seems that your page looks good only in IE … altough I got a JavaScript error on line 282: “Object expected” :p

    Hmmm … full CSS design expected, I might say ;)

  4. you need a proper page template is all.. your using jacked up ones. Even MT 2.6 had jacked up templates. 3 seems to be better.

  5. No, it’s jacked because I created them myself. Flash Developer’s should not be doing CSS… course, I’m sure there are 50 million Flash developers who disagree. Well, it’s Friday so good on ya, then… I must be the only one that sux at this stuff. Anyone want a CSS job?

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