Layout p@wn3d

We have this Human Factors guy working here. Name’s Shayne. He did this wireframe for some of the Pod’s I’m building. So, we get together to discuss my current work and to ensure I’m hitting his vision on how things are designed. He’s not technically doing design here, but he pretty much gave my team the Illustrator design to use, both for layout and look and feel as well as the wireframes beforehand.

We started dicussing the layout of the pods, with their use of the design elements and text. Within an hour, I had been schooled on layout, use of fonts, and textual elements. I had pretty much gotten a college layout class, in less than 30 minutes, for free.

Bad news is all of my component’s size functions are now pretty much needing to be rewritten. The good news, however, is I now know how to do them 90% right. He says I won’t get all of my margin/positioning rules right the first time, nor have I got all of this figured out yet. I have 2 pages of his notes with which to use as reference; some on the back of wireframes, the other on a graph paper I ganked from my manager. Good stuff. Makes layout using coding harder, but in the long run, a lot better…looking.

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  1. I’ll blog it when I’m not so cracked out. Totally modifies the way I write “size” functions for AS2 framework components.

  2. I’ve gotta agree, I love working with designers, I learn so much. There’s so many little tidbits that, if the rest of us could pick up, would make the web a better looking place overall.

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