Undead Lobsters

Via Jim Cheng.

You can tell I’m so frikin’ excited for Dawn of the Dead this Friday. Her majesty is jetting for up north, so I’ll be alone this weekend. Plan A is to defend my house from the undead. Plan B is to watch the movie Friday night, and then go to school Saturday. I watched Patton last night since I found my DVD adapter for my XBox, so naturally, I’m so amped up about battling for ones life.

In the meantime, fellow developer’s fuel my desire by sending me articles like this. I grew up on seafood, but I still think this sounds a little unhumane. The robotic lobster reference, however, reminds me of that floating barrel submarine invented by gnomes from D&D. I always hated how the PC’s drove it backwards to go faster.

Undead Lobsters

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