Rememba’ Da 80’s, JXL Quote, & Backyard Idea

Rather than sacrifice a worthy blog entry to determine if my DNS entries truly have propagated, I’m just submitting rambling… I need to test my re-re-re-re-re-installation of MoveableType.

…oh yeah, and sorry for the construction. “Pardon our progress” as the Baltimore/Washington Airport up in Maryland put it. ‘Course, they said that for 4 years, my site won’t take that long to get all of my files back up!


Rememba’ Da 80’s

I learned confidence from Mr. T,
I learned suave Michael Knight;
Knightrider & A-Team on the TV,
Male role-models to learn from at night.

I learned to laugh at it all from Murdock,
I learned da playa-playa from Face,
‘Course when kit pulled up at the end of da block,
The C button confirmed David Hasselhoff wasn’t chaste.

The Dukes of Hazard did mad doughnuts,
Airwolf kicked chopper skillz,
Daisy Dukes drove our father’s nuts,
While a Dodge Charger flew over streams & hills.

The Unknown Stuntman was your other uncle,
Transformers your future job,
You awed as the Goonies stared at One Eye Willy’s treasure like a carbuncle, …and always wondered how the bullet ratio of GI-JOE didn’t make it more macabre.


Starbucks Friday Night Discussion

“There are only two things I’m sure of life, Erik. One, I can’t live without Brandy. And Two, killing zombies is the only time murder is justified.”
— JesteXL


Dude, I want to put a waterfall in my backyard. However, her majesty doesn’t think that some of the stones will match the brick of our house… so I drew a rendition of a modified pool (cut in half so you can sit on the sides) of it built into our hill. …I don’t know man, I still want rustic, but not sure yet…

Backyard Idea: Attempt 1

Did I mention not having Perl on a website is a fate worse than death? I truly learned I could not live without MoveableType. Rolling my own blogging solution was NOT an option. Too busy for that stuff. It’s funny how my loyalty dies a quick death, though, when it crashes.

5 Replies to “Rememba’ Da 80’s, JXL Quote, & Backyard Idea”

  1. “To constitute murder there must be an intentional infliction upon the person killed of bodily harm involving a high degree of probability that it will result in death.”

    So the question is, when you kill a zombie does it die?

  2. You?re assuming something has to be alive in order to inflict death:

    death: “The termination or extinction of something”

    kill: “To put an end to; extinguish”

    According to those definitions you would be murdering a zombie. However, since it would probably be in self defense I concur with your original statement.

  3. The lines blur, too, because I always consider zombie’s merely corpses animated via a virus. Just like body parts, nervers, muscles, etc. can still animate after death, if a virus were to overtake the body wholeheartedly, much like cancer, than it’s pretty much a virus your fighting rather than a former person.

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