Save as MX from MX 2004 Gotcha

I converted my AS2 to AS1, and saved as MX so my manager in Florida could compile the app. However, he was getting rogue symbols in front of his #include scripts, causing errors and not allowing the FLA to be compiled.

He thought that maybe it was the FLA since he had copied and pasted the text into a new file and saved around the affected area, deleted the actions layer, and recreated, and still no dice. I was worried since if you can’t save as MX, what then?

Turns out, however, from a <a href=””>Macromedia technote</a>, that it is in fact that text files that are the problem. Flash MX 2004 saves your classes with UTF-8 Encoding. Flash MX does not support that encoding type for #include files. So, just saved them as ANSI, and good to go.

So, if your saving as MX, don’t forget to also save your #include files as non-UTF-8 encoded.

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  1. Macromedia isn’t alone with this “gotcha”, it’s a problem with a lot of different software right now. It will continue to be a nuisance for a bit as we transition to the UTF-8 standard. Gnome, MAC OSX, various Microsoft products, underlying C standard libraries all still need to be tightened in varying places.

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