My Dad’s Paris

Your Friday OT, via my dad.

My dad (and I) recently lost his dog to old age, a golden retriever named “Sandy”. Naturally, he just bought a new golden retriever puppy. Her name’s “Paris” after <a href=””>Paris Hilton</a>.

He relishes this summer where he can parade her down the Ocean City (Maryland) boardwalk, using her as the ultimate chick magnet. Always da playa, playa.

The Cute Paris

<a href=” oo5.jpg”><img src=” oo5.jpg” width=”160″ height=”120″ alt=”Paris the Golden Retriever Puppy”/></a>

5 Replies to “My Dad’s Paris”

  1. Yo! The Cute Paris is Cute!
    Golden Retrievers should rule the world!
    I love these dogs! mine is a 9 yo golden retriever female named Lecca (suck in Italian) … hehe

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