Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

It seems to me, this game is merely capitalizing on the popularity of the original, and taking advantage of a better graphics engine for re-packaging. Now, I admit that the speed at which a game is created vs. evolution of gaming technology, I’d be surprised why I haven’t seen more of this. It happens all over the Gameboy market in that games that were for Nintendo were re-packaged for the Gameboy, and then Super Nintendo for the Gameboy Advance, etc.

Personally, I’d prefer they just go make the new one instead of re-coding the old one; but I realize there is money to made, and many who have never played the game would love to see it with the updated graphical engine. I think this a way to make more money off of the brand while they bide their time making the updated one for the new Playstation. Course, they is relative, because whoever made the original could of sold the rights similiar to how Max Payne 2 went down.

…at any rate, even though I don’t agree with the execution… I’ll still buy the damn thing.

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  1. Yeh it was a great pity they screwed the pooch with MGS2. The first one was absolutely outstanding. I was so disappointed with the total lack of continuity in the second one. And the ending is just like some random shit they threw in there to meet the ship date.

  2. I want to know what happened to the scene of Snake running atop the ship fighting near the Metal Gear that I saw in the Japanese trailer. I even bougth the 1/2 version for Xbox that has additional Snake Tails, and have yet to see it.

    Yeah, the ending got really shroomlike; it went from an innocent blondie, to a abused military child, to a theological question of who runs the United States. WTF was the phrase summed it up. I loved the game though, just wanted more closure and, like you said, connectivity.

  3. Rather than Kojima et al using this to bide their time on Snake Eater, The Twin Snakes is being created by Silicon Knights (of Eternal Darkness fame) and I’m quite looking forward to seeing how the additional gameplay features from the MGS2 engine will work in the MGS environments – at times, MGS felt like Pacman with guns, such was the level of dependence on the radar.

    I thought MGS2 was utterly fantastic (although, I was less than pleased with the slowdown at points in the XBox conversion of Substance which I was playing) – it’s focus on the things which are not passed on through DNA follows on nicely from MGS’ focus on the things which are passed on through DNA, and was brilliantly executed, imo.

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