Shared Libraries only work within same version SWF

Ok, one thing to watch out for if your using Shared Libraries in Flash MX 2004 and exporting for 6. Shared SWF’s that are version 6 only work with version 6, and same with version 7 SWF’s only working with version 7 SWF’s. It’s pretty easy to get your wires crossed and wonder why the heck your stuff isn’t working. It’s a little disconcerting too as I’m still learning how the “Make Default” works in relation to Publish Settings.

For example, in Flash MX, if you made some changes to the Publish Settings, clicked OK, and then did Control + J, and clicked “make default”, this would globally make all of your new FLA’s, even after rebooting Flash utilize those settings (pretty sure as I don’t have MX installed here). Used to wreak havoc on people would click “omit trace actions” and weeks later wonder why their SWF was tracing anything. It doesn’t work this way in Flash MX 2004 it seems.

Anyway, just something to watch out for since a lot of us may be still exporting to 6, but Flash MX 2004 seems to default to publishing to 7.