One of the many reasons I left SWG

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This comic is pretty much based on fact. For instance, in one of the many patches, they fixed the way Darth Vadar’s cape looked vs. actually fixing many bugs and broken professions that players use in the game. Management for this game is such a joke, hence this comic being so damn funny!

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  1. Could be worse, I suppose. Myst:Uru shipped promising an interactive online experience. Yet you had to wait for them to “invite” you to join, because they hadn’t ramped up the service yet. Then they accidentally invited every registered user to join the online environment on the same day. The servers couldn’t take the traffic and the whole online experience broke down.

  2. To me, the whole online thing is either hit or miss… AND either way, they still make mad bank. I’ve paid $80 for 2 versions, one for me, one for her majesty, she bought a 2nd one for a second account (not the collectors edition, so that’s $50), and they make $0.50 cents a day per account from her and I since last, what, October? So, even though I want my money back, and I think it’s pathetic, do they give a flying f$()*%$… nope.

    The standards must rise.

  3. That’s one of the reasons that I left Ultima Online back in the day… the amount of bugs left unfixed vs the minor cosmetic enhancements and trivial feature additions was ridiculous.

    Although, in UO, when I left I sold my account and electronic posession, so I actually came away with more money than what I put into it… so it’s like I got paid a penny or two an hour to play. hah!

  4. …I think my account would only be worth $200, so maybe I should suffer more, although, I doubt I can recoup more than 50 cents a day.

    Bleh. UO rocked, though, because it was first beyond Diablo to really provide that kind of experience online. Still, I agree it was unacceptable.

  5. You dare insult me! Your lucky that most of my dark force powers have been nerfed and/or currently broken!

  6. All good; I’d snipe you before you could even force lightning my arse… oh wait, that profession is busted too. Let’s just spam macro eachother to death; that hasn’t been nerfect yet.

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