Job in Atlanta: Advanced Flash ActionScript Programmer

Sidereus Technologies is hiring advanced Flash Actionscript programmers to develop cutting-edge Rich Internet Applications with a team of other skilled developers in a fun and dynamic work environment. This is a 100% programming position and knowledge of Object Oriented Programming is a must.

This is an excellent opportunity for the right candidate, and will give you the chance to expand your skillset and add some amazing work for high profile clients to your portfolio. We are seeking developers that enjoy working in Flash, staying on top of new technologies, having creative input in the applications they develop, and making the impossible possible.

Mastery of Actionscript and OOP in Flash.
Comfortable working closely with a small group of developers.
Ability to self-motivate and meet deadlines without close supervision.
A positive attitude.

Writing and parsing XML
Flash Remoting and/or Communication Server
Flash MX 2004 / AS 2.0
Familiarity with other languages such as Java, C++, C#, .NET, PHP, etc.

Contact Don @:

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