Flash Contract Job: Debugging & QA

Flash Programming Expert Needed.
Large detailed Consumer level Program that utilizes
Extensive Action Scripting and KeyFraming
Project is 90% Complete and needs debugging and QA
Experts only as this has thousands of lines of Code..
Require serious , detail oriented Flash Programmer who has several years experience handling similar size projects.
Travel Opportunity possible , Contract Job.
Please Contact <a href=”mailto:daves714@aol.com”>daves714@aol.com</a>

6 Replies to “Flash Contract Job: Debugging & QA”

  1. Nothing yet.

    Have you checked Monster.com, Macromedia’s forums, were-here.com, and contact the local Minnesota Macromedia User Group coordinator (assuming there is one)? Those are the best bets I can give you as venues for finding Flash jobs.

  2. I have looked on Macromedia’s forums, sent out some feelers. Haven’t checked with the local user group yet. Although i have been looking at the local Coldfusion user group.

    Looking for some freelance or fulltime gigs (are they any others)

    Hauler at me if you catch wind of one.


  3. :: shrugs ::

    No idea bro, I just post ’em as I get ’em. Contact the homeskillet’s email I left, you’ll not get hand slapped for asking such a question.

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