SWG Resource Viewer – A Central App

Nothing amazing; simply parses an XML file and displays the data in an interface. Working on a preference panel to customize the fields the data grid displays as well as some controls on searching through the data.

Currently hits a 2 day old (1 week lifespan) cached XML file from <a href=”http://www.swgcraft.com/”>SWGCraft.com</a> for the Tarquinas server.

<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/SWGCraft/”>https://www.jessewarden.com/SWGCraft/</a>

– <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/SWGCraft/secretAgent2.fla”>secretAgent2.fla</a>
– <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/SWGCraft/app.fla”>app2.fla</a>
– <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/SWGCraft/interface.as”>interface.as</a>
– <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/SWGCraft/test.xml”>test.xml</a> (copied from <a href=”http://www.swgcraft.com/”>SWGCraft.com</a>)
– <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/SWGCraft/test.php.txt”>test.php.txt</a> (I highly suggest you do NOT use this; instead, just view the code. The XML files he has are huge, and his server traffic is limited)
– fields.fla (still working on for preferences)

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  1. Jesse, you should get an ID number for this, looks like you’re using the sample one and it’s conflicting on install with another Central app that I have in dev. Tried to modify the number for mine by setting the last 6 digits to 000000 but Central don’t like that either…


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