Most amount of homework in least amount of time

What is the most amount of homework you ever did in the least amount of time?

I think I’m on my 3rd record of my life tonight… thankfully I can lend some Flash skills to it, but I hate my research for this paper I have to write already. I’ll just have to pray that my love of improv and use of Flash in place of PowerPoint will score me points.

I’m downing coffee like mad, but I’m so burnt out; this week was nuts emotionally at work, and all I wanna do is work on Central stuff, drink, and play Baldur’s Gate 2.


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  1. in university – my final honours year, took a shakespeare course that was a full year. You could a) attend class or b) the class was videotaped and put in the library for you to watch on vhs.

    I attended one class.

    You had the option to write papers throughout the year, making each one about 10% with the final being 50 % or you could opt to not write any papers and make the final 100%.

    I opted to make the final 100%.

    10 days – had to cram in around 32 classes – with each one being around 3 hours. Never did it of course.

    The final exam question literally was something like ” Write something insightful and intelligent about 11 of Shakespeare’s plays, discussing a common theme”. Yeah. thanks.

    Managed to get an A-. Will never do that again.

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