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School’s out till January 10th, so all Saturday’s till then will be spent in bed till 3pm… which is when I usually would be getting out of class!

My last project was to write an executive persuasion paper, and present a speech to the class, convincing the board of directors to relocate (I chose expanding the business) to one of 3 chosen cities. I did some research on all 3 cities and states, sorted through the plethora of links, reading what was relavant, wrote my outline, wrote my paper, re-read it… and then passed out. There was no way to do the phat presentation I wanted to do. Not to mention the fact that my professor did not like PowerPoint… personally. By that, he didn’t mind if other people used it, but he felt that a lot of speakers will use it as a sheild and hide behind it; the PowerPoint being the star and not the speaker.

Not saying I’m handsome, but I’d never be upstaged by Flash. Therefore, I gave myself an hour and a half in the wee hours of the morning before school to work on it and finish it utilizing some of the images the night before. I’ve used Flash in the past as pretty much my outline of my speech on whatever I was speaking about. Really, it’s to help keep me on track as I love tangent trees.

I hadn’t used Screens albeit once to determine what the difference was between them and forms… and I wanted to see the new layout + had some JSAPI ideas. At any rate, within an hour and a half, I had my presentation saved to a CD and raced off to school. It took 6 hours for the coffee to kick in, but I gave my presentation last, and it rocked.

Screw PowerPoint… I got Flash.

Granted, there are pro’s and con’s to each, but for my personal comfort level, they (<a href=””>Macromedia</a>) just made it so easy for me to knock out a presentation even faster utilizing Flash. I just wish I could of used this a year and a half-ago applying for that PowerPoint job.

“I don’t see any PowerPoint on your website…” was one of the replies to a PowerPoint job inquiry I had applied for.

Oh well, rocks having it now!

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  1. Still wanna learn how to get forms to work. I do not believe authortime is the best route since they support linkage SWF movies; it’d be nice to cover both + the coding you can do with them.

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