Flash 9 and the Ultra Left Timeline

I had a dream last night that I was reading <a href=”http://www.markme.com/nigel/”>Nigel Pegg’s blog</a> and he was discussing his idea’s (since MM only plans one version in advance I guess) for Flash 9’s timeline. I believe he was discussing further opening the architecture of the Flash IDE itself, and was specifically mentioning the timeline. He supposedly had already done work on such a “class” and had named it the “ultraLeftTimeline.as” class. He said that Flashers could then customize it to their whims or write their own. Why’d we want to do this is beyond me, but it sounded pretty cool. I still don’t know where the “left” part of the class name came from.

I woke up before I could finish reading his entry.

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  1. heh you where dreaming about Nigel, come on admit it.. that whole “his blog” was a nice subtle shift in our focus ;)

    Seriously I only dream of either being really rich, having super powers or sleeping with really hot women? Flash… never makes my dreamlist.

    Its time to stop coding an hour before bed man :) read a book, i find that helps you forget about the code and delve into dreamland without thinking out a piece of code.

  2. Dreaming in Actionscript? Dude… Seriously, you need a vacation… What’s next? Eating code with your cereals for breakfast? ;-D

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