What’s Next?

My co-worker, <a href=”http://www.erikbianchi.com/”>Erik</a>, has brought up an interesting question: What’s Next? He’s specifically referring to the progression of programming. First came procedural, then came OOP, but what comes after that? Here’s what I think.

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3 Replies to “What’s Next?”

  1. I just researched it for 1 minute and it seems to be another methodology. However, rather than focusing on the objects and classes themselves such as Decorator, or <a href=”http://www.peterjoel.com/blog/?archive=2003_06_15_archive.xml#95736351″>Parasite</a>, it focuses on communication between groups, and similiar to group goals in the Social Systems School, it sounds a lot like it in faciliting good cross group communication.

    That’s my take using limited research anyway.

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