EOLAS: Tactical Counter Offensive by Macromedia

Just gotta point out the fantastic job <a href=”http://www.macromedia.com”>Macromedia</a> is doing handling this EOLAS bs. <a href=”http://www.markme.com/cantrell/”>Christian Cantrell</a> was laser striking every thread on <a href=”http://chattyfig.figleaf.com”>Flash Lounge</a>, informing of solutions, dispelling rumors, and informing of up and coming ways in which Macromedia is helping with other ways to deal with the changes.

I was wrong in my prediction of “<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/archives/000280.html”>nothing happening</a>”. Although nothing earthshattering took place, and we could be a lot worse off, there is still a lot of time and money people are spending to deal with these changes, now and in the future. Thanks Macromedia for being so professional about it!

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  1. Just speculating here but what if Microsoft wanted to lose all a long to help pave the way for longhorn?

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