Weird Email

GF got the same email this morning. Anybody download the FLA’s and SWF’s yet?


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From: janet jameson <>
Date: Wed, September 17, 2003 1:39 am
Priority: Normal

I hate to bother you but I was wondering if you could just help me with a simple
dimple little FCMX script.
All I am trying to do is have a button in one movie execute a sound in another movie.
I don’t want to fill up this email with my code but if you get the chance (and find
it in your heart :) my files are located here:
thanks much.

4 Replies to “Weird Email”

  1. Not ‘ sure; I downloaded it, and it seems like Flashcom code, but the email strikes me as either spam, or just some farce email made by a virus. I remember getting a lot of these “Flashcoder rips” as I liked to call them; emails grabbed from Flashcoders randomly, a virus attached, and then resent to my inbox appearing legit. Interesting was some referring to an attachment, clever little bastard.

  2. Take a look on Flashkit’s forum for flashcom and you’ll see a super long thread on that. She is also trying to get help on MM’s forum. It’s not spam, just a very desperate and lost newbie flashcommer :) The answer is up on flashkit so she really shouldn’t be having a problem enough to spam everybody.

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