The College of William & Mary

Dude, this place is quiet. When I had my 5 minute rejection (well, not technically, more like cold shoulder) at Georgia Tech, I can certainly tell the distinct differences in culture. After draining Wayne on what this place is about, I can definately see it in the faces in the people here.

All the girls remind me of those queit girls in school who were smart, but didn’t blossom into a popular hottie because they loathed the superficialness of it, but more likely just had their head on straight. Not saying there is anything wrong with a superficial Betty, mind you, but it’s interesting to see where those girls went; to a place where they all are at. Can’t really get a guy vibe, I’ll just assume military considering my locale. Wayne says this school has a good rep in education, rated high, and has a rep for being hard. Everything I see who isn’t walking to class, quietly and alone or in couples of some sort, is reading. This probably accounts for the lack of noise here. Georgia Tech was loud, expansive, and parts were a concrete jungle. Here, it’s all nature, old time & cultural, and all the girls & guys are for the most part clean cut, and very “normal” looking. Nice to see this many normal people getting a good education. I used to worry about my future with so many X & Y gen’s being so… off kilter.

Anyway, few hours left to get my presentation in order. Hope these people don’t think I’m an idiot, both in stature and in my attempt to educate them in an area that may or may not benefit them. I mean, shoot, there are physic peeps here; wtf do I say, “For an easy way aside from atomXML SVG schema to visualize your molecular models, consider using Flash as your front-end and Remoting to access your database.”

Whatever. As long as I’m educating and affect just one person positively without negatively affecting others, I’m doing good driving all the way up here. Besides, my hosts were nice!

appendum: You know, I was the ONLY ONE that wore shades on campus. Wayne had his on, but I’m thinking only to make me not look like an outsider. Don’t these smart peeps realize shades protect your eyes?

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