4 Dollar Warning

Second time I forgot my lock in 10 months at the gym; this time, though, I got robbed. I usually leave my wallet and cell phone in the car, but this time it just so happened I walked in with everything and no padlock. The thief attempted to replace the articles as they were, but horribly so.

At any rate, $4 bucks is enough to remind me to NEVER forget my lock again; I got off really easy that time. Fate’s must of owed me a favor for all of last year’s bs. Regardless, I still take their warning in stride.

…I wonder how much that thief makes in a week?

2 Replies to “4 Dollar Warning”

  1. You recovered your cell phone then? All your credit cards are still there? If not, make sure you call the proper agencies to cancel them.. you don’t wanna be responsible for any extra charges.

    Definitly sorry to hear about that, and sorry that it happened to you. Some people just have no respect for others and their property…

  2. Yep, ‘ got everything back; hence why I call it the 4 dollar warning. All I lost was about 4 bucks, so I consider myself lucky as hell!

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