onClipEvent(load) Lives! or Another Best Practice?

In the creation of behaviors for yourself and others (many developers use them to prevent writing the same shiot over and over again) as well as empowering designers to not have to code, I’ve noticed something interesting.

Because your creating code that is placed ON an object, you revert to the on(press) and onClipEvent(load) mentality of Flash 5.

I think with onClipEvent(load) and a little Flash 6 mojo, you could still get away with some pretty clean coding for behavior creation. Since behavior creation is, in itself, not technically coding but the actual creation of code underneath, you can get away with a lot of bad things because the complexity of the app will not get too high (assuming your not doing crazy shiot with your behaviors).

Therefore, what are people using for best practices in the code they use for them? (I know it’s early in the game, but at least we can look back on this).