Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – I’m Stuck!

4th mission, where you head to Burak or some junk. This facilty has 5 bombs. When you defuse them, your supposed to head back to your ship, but the door I came in was locked. I searched EVERYWHERE, in the game and including google… no dice. I wanted to experience the game from the beginning, but since there is obviously a bug, or I’m dumb as nails, off to multiplayer… to kick it dual-saber style!

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  1. I’ve finished the game 1? times now… I’ve had no major issues (that a save and reload) didn’t fix.

    I’m figuring you’re just not seeing it.

    Try using your force sense to eye spy the objective.


  2. Good advice for the use of the Sense, usualy there are stormtroopers on the way back, so you can’t miss the right way. I also passed the game several times by now (male/female, good/evil ;)), and never got stuck.

    At the end allways… Use the Force! Use the Force!

  3. Can anyone tell me how to open that door? Don’t know what am I missing be I did a full search on that facility and didn’t find anything. Loosing my patience over it.


  4. Yeah JesterXL… It seems that way… I searched again the whole facility and nothing… I also looking on the internet, but this was the closest I got from any answer… Is anybody there that can help us????

  5. i got the same problem, i think maybe because i did them out of order? and the ‘last’ probably unlocks the door and the ‘first’ one locks it, because i did the last one before the first one, get it?

  6. So??? it worked??? let me know, cuz im stucked too. If somebody know how to open that dorr.. please tell….

  7. YES!!! You know the bomb that is on the platform at the very beginning blocked by 3 trip wires?

    I did that one last, and tried to do the one INSIDE, ya know, near the lava and water (organe and blue) tubes first. Did the tripwire one last, and WALLA, the door was open!

  8. Must be. They probably coded it to have you do them in a general order; if you didn’t go a certain or way or hit someting in the correct order, the entrance isn’t open. What I don’t get is that door… there is no reason for it to be there anyway.

    Whack. I’ll tell you, that’s the only problem I’ve had with that game, the rest of it works fine.

  9. It did not work for me to disarm the last bomb with the trip wires for me, I still can?t get out of that door. I then tryid to playe the mission in easy mode and suddenly there was no problem with the door. But that dosent solve the problem
    in jedi mode. I hope you find a nother way to open that door, because I give up.

  10. Got the same problem with the door on normal difficulty.
    Saw on some walkthrough, this is the only known bug in the game.And only way to pass it is to use the cheat code “noclip”. Master code “HelpUsObi 1”.

  11. Im stuck on a later level, the one where some dude takes ur lightsaber and challanges u to get out? i dont know what to do, ive found a room wiv shotting range? it dose nothing! ive looked over the hole place, theres no where to go. the mission says, find way to hanger? where, please someone help! im got it on jedi knight, hard, not very hard. thanks, Ryan

  12. Use the switch in the shooting ranges wall, then shoot your way through the walls using the cannon…

  13. Old thread, but if anyone still needs help getting through that door, hit ~ to bring up your console (that’s SHIFT+the button under the ESC key) and type “HelpUsObi 1” and hit ENTER, then type “noclip” and hit enter, fly through both doors, then bring the console back up and type “noclip” again, problem solved. Bug work-around if you will…

  14. Im stuck in the combat against the pretentious guy, the other student, how do i beat him. I hit him a thousand times and he still doesn’t die.
    Can any one tell me if there’s something special to do to defeat him, or If I just simply have to keep hitting him?

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