Wanna speak at a conference in Sydney, Australia?

I was a nobody, but for some reason someone musta told them (<a href=”http://daemon.com.au/”>Daemon</a>) I was cool, so I got to go last February. I got to meet and hang with Branden Hall (the only other time was nervously asking him why he cut his hair while he signed my book… I was so nervous). I met Ben Forta (ColdFusion pimp) and a plethora of other celebreties, and awesome Aussie persona’s… the stories are numerous …and I drank a lot!!! I can attest, Sydney rules, but don’t tell the peeps from Melbourne I said that.

So, wanna speak there? Cool, submit a paper, yo!

<a href=”http://blog.daemon.com.au/archives/000193.html”>MXDU 2004: Call For Papers</a>

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  1. Jesse, saw Craig Harcombe at the Macromedia Partners Conference Sunday/Monday this week, he tells me that he introduced you to some fine Aussie kultcha… but I wouldn’t get into a drinking competition with that man. Hope that you can make it next year mate!

  2. Dude, ‘ that homeskillet downed Guiness like water! And the whole time he calmly and clearly discussed Aussie culture and history with me and his mate, Darian till like 3am. I’ve repressed 3-5, hehe.

    Hopefully, if this house purchase doesn’t drain my finances too much (ha!), I’m sure I can beg work for another trip.

  3. Ah, I remember the day I met Ben. It was Allaire’s 2000 conference in Boston. I skipped out of a session to run to the lab to ask an Allaire techie a dumb question. The lady at the door saw me and looked around the room and said “looks like Ben is available.” I peered around the corner and lo and behold, it was as if the seas parted and there he was. I was so nervous that I asked the stupid question I came to ask rather than talk about how cool it was to meet him. Anyway, my brush with the famous pimp daddy of them all got me straight trippin’.

  4. Yeah, he’s a pretty nice guy. I don’t think I every really got to “talk” to him as it was a quick meeting, and just hanging with the ColdFusion peeps while they rallied around him. I got quesy as hell sitting on stage up there with him and the others though. I was like, “…wtf am I doing up here!?…” However, they are all cool as hell, so it makes it a little nice to know I got to chill with such cool people who aren’t caught up in the hype.

    After 2 hours with Branden, I suddenly wasn’t nervous anymore. You start realizing he’s a geek too, just like you, and all the apprehension just goes away and you can suddenly be yourself.

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