JXL Freestyle

Do you have urban flava’?

Disclaimer on my freestyle: It was late, I was tired, and more worried about my mic and speakers working properly rather than staying on beat. Hopefully, though, the Director one will make your Friday. It was a hidden nugget on my portfolio from ’99.

I’ll upload the source in a few days.

Turn your speakers up, baby…

<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/freestyle/”>JXL Freestyle</a>

edit: I realize you may not be able to publish your stream; supposedly, I have 200 megs on my server, but for some reason it’s stopping at 134, and only at 1am (wtf), so if you can’t publish, don’t delete your stream; keep it around until I beat Mediatemple over the head and have them fix my server.

6 Replies to “JXL Freestyle”

  1. I wanted to comment here too..

    that app is rad! You’ve got a hit there on the flash freestyle you did, absolutely hilarious!

    I suck at freestyling, absolutely amazed at the people that can do it.. don’t have a clue as to how they come up with words so fast.

  2. Fantastic job on this app Jesse! I’ll be sure drop some of my mad freestyle skillz on there this weekend. =)

  3. Sweet! It’s awesome dude. Very nice program you created here. I’m not totally suprise you can do it. Hey, we gotta hang out some more in the weekend, drop me an e-mail whenever.

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