Apartment People are Satanic

In my contuing battle to avoid getting bent over by these people, who are contridictory to popular opinion worse than lawyers (my uncle’s a lawyer, he’s pretty cool), I once again get nailed with bs.

I walk out this morning, and all cars are missing from my parking lot. They construction worker had no idea where it might be, let alone how to formulate a sentence. After running back up stairs and re-reading the spam that’s always crammed in my door, it clearly stated that they were paving the lot, and if I left my car there, it would be towed and I’d have to pay for the tow.

After walking to the apartment complex, praying they’d give me attitude so I can get arrested in a violent verbal frenzy, and basically being told go look for it nearby, I find her hidden behind a van.

…my compenstation was twice seeing this scantilly clad, young brazillan chica; twice. That helped fix my day.

I gotta get a house, dude, I hate these people.

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  1. I have to say this sounds like another Equity Residential property. I hate them, they have tried so many times to sue me, they have messed with my credit (although the BBB keeps making them remove it one is still on there) I moved out over 2 years ago and they still try to sent my rent checks every once in a while. They are a very big corporation with a huge file at the BBB. I truly hate them :)

  2. Brazilian chicks > rest of the world chicks. Also, we don’t use the word “chica” in portuguese (and in Brazil for that matter), that’s some spanish slang thing I believe. :)

  3. ‘Meena’ is cool, Sousa… Btw, your english is pretty nice… How much would you charge for some lessons? Hehe :-)

    Jesse, the slang dictionary you started is growing. I’ve some good new material extracted from your blog (after a little research, of course) hehe…

  4. “MINA” would be so right. Although I fear it’s too… S?o Paulo-flavored. I dunno if that’s the word of choice in Rio de Janeiro, for example. “GATA” would be the right word there I suppose. J Sousa nailed it.

    Jonas: I believe BBB is the same as Brazil’s “SPC”.

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